Our Story

The Beginning of LTH

As with most grand pursuits, the idea of L-Intelligent Horizons Eduhub (LTH) began humbly, with a young boy named Tasik. He, like many other Singaporeans, dreamt of beating the odds and achieving personal excellence for himself.

However, this is often thought to be an impossible dream for children from lower income families, as we live in a society where one’s wealth and status affords for the better and more “elite” tutors – with it comes more exposure, and better opportunities to excel.

Tasik was 1 of 6 children who lived in a crammed one-room flat with his parents, aunt and grandmother. With limited resources and rising tuition fees, his dreams seemed naïve, and children like Tasik run the risk of becoming products of their circumstances. And most of all, they may never realise their full potential even in a society that preaches meritocracy.

Finding our Mission

Jet Toh and Linus Lin, old friends from their former days of conducting seminars together, reconnected when Toh was introduced to Tasik's situation. Inspired by the young boy's fervour, Toh graciously took Tasik under his wing and provided him with mentorship and guidance in Life Skills, pro bono. He later reached out to Linus, who, with 12 years of experience in the education sector under his belt, was deemed a better fit to maximise Tasik's academic potential through focused tutoring sessions.

With Toh's astounding entrepreneurial track record and Linus's professional experience in the field of education, both friends pooled their talents and conceptualised L-Intelligent Horizons Eduhub: a platform that strives to serve the neglected segments of Singapore's extracurricular academic landscape and to level the playing field for all children, regardless of their financial backgrounds and results.

Levelling the Playing Field

Our dream is to one day provide professional academic & life-skill services for kids like Tasik for free. Currently, however, we are taking it upon ourselves to offer lower to middle-income families the best extracurricular academic services in life at affordable rates – giving your children equal opportunities to succeed in life as their wealthier counterparts.

Through this platform, L-Intelligent Horizons EduHub wishes to bridge the gap between those who have the means to afford the exorbitant fees of high-end professional tutors and those who find themselves settling for untrained tutors whose fees are within their more modest budget, which only exacerbates the gap between the haves and have-nots in this vicious generational cycle.

Widening their Horizons

It is no doubt an ambitious goal, but one founded on a genuine passion for helping less privileged students realise their dreams from an early age, and to help them attain their short and long-term goals by providing them access to the best Academic and Life Skills advisors in the industry.

We have devised a strategic formula to cater to every child's specific needs and interests. Here at L-Intelligent Horizons EduHub, we truly believe that no dream is too big with the right guidance, and that no child is without unique talents; there is only the child who has yet to realise them.

The Inconvenient Truth

Our children live in an extremely competitive world, where certain resources are limited. The best academic tutors are being auctioned off, and procuring qualified tutors to tutor one's child is a luxury not all Singaporeans can afford. Lower or lower middle-income families are thus greatly disadvantaged and face the problem of their children being guinea pigs, poised between the jaws of untested tutors (who are likely not versed in imparting to your child the right skills, attitude and learning methods needed for him to excel academically).

Furthermore, certain tuition centres choose to base success on the basis of their well-performing students, and as an unfortunate result, have turned the art of educating strictly into a business. Some of these centres have resorted to vetting procedures that siphon off the best applicants and defer the enrolment of weaker students who they regard as a threat to their advertised '100% success' rates, factoring in, as well, their own limited resources to cope with the demand.

What, then, happens to those who have fallen behind academically? More importantly, what good does achieving excellent grades accomplish if these students have no long-term goals beyond advancing to the next rung in the education ladder? Where, then, is the balance between academic excellence and a child's joie de vivre?

The Fresh Approach to Education

In reaction to these problems, L-Intelligent Horizons EduHub wishes to inject purpose back into academic pursuits and enrich the lives of students by exposing them to the array of possibilities, opportunities and careers awaiting them at the end of the proverbial ladder.

Equipping students with real life skills and career awareness is key in providing them with the confidence to pursue their dreams, and to chart out their own journey in life– putting the joy back in learning.

We want to widen your child's horizons and to journey him beyond the textbook; to motivate him toward excellence by helping him identify his own aspirations and realise his true potential.

Our Core Identity


We develop mindset, inculcate habits through inspirational mentorship to achieve academic excellence and betterment of life.

  1. Contribution & Gratitude

  2. Personal Growth & Excellence

  3. Connectedness & Kinship

  4. Joy of Life

  5. Resilience & Renewed Fervour for Overcoming Tough Odds

We empower minds to inspire.


Academics and Life

A quick walk through our history as a company

L-Intelligent Horizons Eduhub is founded (12 August 2013)

'Mentoring Our Children' parenting workshop at Peirce Secondary School (January 2014)

Entrepreneurship Talk at SMU (January 2014)

'Student Awareness Workshop' at Punggol Secondary School (March 2014)

4 Day Mentoring Programme at Peirce Secondary School (June 2014)

Introduction of Pioneer Group of Life Coaches in L-Intelligent Horizons Eduhub (June 2014)

'Leading our Children to Academic and Life Success' Parenting Workshop at Maris Stella High School (July 2014)

Parenting Workshop at Crescent Girls' School (24 August 2014)

'Leading our Children to Academic Excellence' parenting workshop at ST Engineering (10 November 2014)

Opening of Icon Edu Hub at Icon @ Changi (January 2015)

Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk at Singapore Management University on (12 March 2015)

Parent-Child Academic and Life (P-CAL) Programme at Peirce Secondary School on (April 2015)

Entrepreneur's Corner at Singapore Management University on (1 July 2015)

About Us

For parents whose child is upper primary and above, L-Intelligent Horizons Eduhub (LTH) is the education provider that will impart both academic and life skills to your child.

Unlike traditional tuition programmes, LTH combines its own unique Horizon Success System (HSS) method of education with its dedicated team of HSS-Trained Educators who are mentored through weekly mentorship programmes, imparting the necessary Academic and Life skills to ensure your child achieve success in Academics and Life.

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