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5 key points on how to be a good entrepreneur in Singapore

By LTH | Jul 20, 2015

(1) Start with small profits! If your main source of income today is through employment, it means you are earning salary. Earning a salary and earning profits require 2 different sets of mindsets and skills. Do not be too hasty Click here to continue reading…

Confidence and Trust

By LTH | Mar 5, 2015

Making People Feel Safe

By LTH | Feb 14, 2015

Authority Versus Leadership

By LTH | Jan 30, 2015

Four Ways Parents Use Science to Develop Life Skills in Children

By LTH | Jan 16, 2015

There is often a mismatch between what students learn in the classroom and what the world demands from them after they graduate from school. This is especially true in today’s digital age and global competitiveness. None of us can predict Click here to continue reading…

Four Positive Habits of Successful Students

By LTH | Jan 7, 2015

Being successful students means achieving a favourable outcome in school. Such outcome may not necessarily be tied solely to achieving commendable exam results. It may also include maintaining good relationship with teachers and classmates, embracing leadership roles in CCAs or Click here to continue reading…

The Four Preparatory Advice to Effective Learning – Parents’ Edition

By LTH | Dec 30, 2014

A journey of a thousand miles begins from the first step. To students, the first step to a year-long learning journey is to make ample preparation. Parents have an important part in the preparation as well! Here are 4 simple Click here to continue reading…

4 Ways to Assign Homework to Boost Effective Learning

By LTH | Dec 16, 2014

Some children do loads of homework but have yet to produce expected results whereas other children do less yet achieve so much more. What should we do?The following are ways to utilize homework to encourage effectiveness in a child’s learning Click here to continue reading…

Procrastination's most common form - the TV (remote)

4 Effective Ways to Minimise Procrastination

By LTH | Dec 9, 2014

To procrastinate is to delay a task. We all fall into the trap sometimes don’t we? But once we get ourselves to start doing the task at hand, the momentum pushes us forward. The trouble is to get started. Here are Click here to continue reading…