Partners in Parenting

Why Involve Parents?

Parents are one of the most influential stakeholders in the continual development of their children towards academic and life success. In LTH, other than coaching students in the development of their academics and life through our weekly lessons, we also work together with parents as a team so that our students can be exposed to the best learning environment possible.

Common Parenting Concerns

My kids simply do not follow their planned timetables! How do I deal with this?

I spend thousands every month on tuition and motivational classes but their results did not improve! What's wrong with them?

Should I buy my children a 3G phone and should I confiscate it if they use it too much?

I want to motivate my kids but they think I am naggy and are even rude towards me. What should I do?

What parents can look forward to

Parents and children working together as a family unit

Better communication between parents and children

Children cooperating with parents to achieve what is best for themselves

Children enjoying the process towards achieving better results in school

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About Us

For parents whose child is upper primary and above, L-Intelligent Horizons Eduhub (LTH) is the education provider that will impart both academic and life skills to your child.

Unlike traditional tuition programmes, LTH combines its own unique Horizon Success System (HSS) method of education with its dedicated team of HSS-Trained Educators who are mentored through weekly mentorship programmes, imparting the necessary Academic and Life skills to ensure your child achieve success in Academics and Life.

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