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I thought I was at a dead end for both my sciences as I had received fail grades. But once I started going for lessons with LTH, my grades gradually improved. Classes are also interesting as my teacher, Mr Lin, explains the topic in a way that is simpler to understand each and every part of the topic.

Currently I am approaching an A2 for my physics and a B4 for my chemistry. Despite a long way to go still, I do owe Mr Linus my gratitude and I do appreciate his passion for teaching.

Suben s/o Manivel (Monfort Secondary School)


Hi Ms Ho, thank you very much for coaching Claudia! You have played a critical role in helping her achieve A2 for her English. She changed from reluctantly taking this English tuition at 1st to very interested right after the 1st lesson 3 years ago!

She has grown to like English so much that it is her strongest subject now. Thanks for motivating her & making the lessons so interesting & with many useful tips. Thank you so much Ms Ho. May you be blessed with joy as you continue to teach!

A2 - English, 2014 O Levels

Mrs Lim (Claudia - Tanjong Katong Girls School)


“LTH’s educator, Mr. Hong Guang is very patient and understanding. When I do not understand something, he will repeat the concept kindly until I get it. However, he does not stop there, he will go a step further by testing me what I’ve learnt in the previous tuition lesson. This ensures that I don’t forget what I’ve learnt and is really an effective strategy for me.”

E8 to B3 - Math, 2014 O Levels

Hu Men Yee (Jurongville Secondary School, Sec 4)


L-Intelligent Horizons EduHub has changed my life in Singapore for the better. Linus and his team of Academic and Life mentors are friendly whom I can seek advice from and share my problems with. With their guidance, I managed to top my Sec 1 English and Science for the first time in my life! I will continue learning from them for as long as I can as I highly doubt that I would meet other teachers as caring and passionate as them.

Park Kwang Joo (Commonwealth Secondary School)


Mr Lin guided me through the tough time of my secondary years. He’s witty, caring and compassionate. He’s seriously concerned about his students. To me, he wasn’t just my tutor but also my mentor in life as well.

Song Hyeon (North Vista Secondary School, Sec 4)


Mr Lin is the best tutor during my Secondary School days in Singapore. He is a very helpful tutor as he helps me by pointing out my weaknesses and helps me to improve on it. Thank you Mr Lin!”

Kyung Min (Deyi Secondary School, Sec 4)

Picture 1

"Thank you for being such an awesome Science and English tutor! Because of you, my Science have started to pick up for the better. You also pretty much made me not find Science a torture any longer!"

6 Distinctions in 'O' Levels 2014

Katrina (Peirce Secondary School)


He’s really a good friend and I feel so grateful that I know him. He helped me a lot and I really thank him for all the nice things he’s done for me!”

Denty (Choa Chu Kang Secondary School, Sec 4)


He’s the teacher I can trust and not only in terms of studies but also mentally. Whenever I see him teaching so hard, I tell myself to make the best out of what I have and live a fulfilling life I won’t regret.

Sarah (Bukit Panjang Government High School, Sec 2)


Teacher Lin is so friendly that he can make anyone feel comfortable to study with him at his/her first lesson. In class, he always ask us how our week was and whether anything special happened or not. That helps me to reflect!”

Woo Jin (NUS High School, Sec 2)


I got a B3 for English, 82 for Science and first in my class! I got 99 marks for my mathematics, first in class and first in the entire level! I am so happy! I think it’s all thanks to him!

Eun Ji (Crescent Girls School, Sec 1)


He helped me almost on a daily basis for the entire month, imparting both academic know-what and mindset control. From prelim 27 points to O Level 17 points in 1 month!

Kathi (Outram Secondary School, Sec 4)


I can tell he is the most committed tutor I’ve ever met. Not only is he committed, but he is also very friendly, patient and strategic in his teaching. I think I was really fortunate to have met him in my life. Thank you Mr Lin!

Do Hun (Anglo Chinese Independent School, Sec 4)


When I came to Singapore during the end of my Secondary 3, Mr Lin was my first tutor who had been guiding me on Science and English. Without him, I would not the grades that I wanted to enter a college. Thank you Mr Lin!

Da Kyeong (St. Francis Methodist School, Sec 4)


He’s witty, passionate and a considerate teacher. He always paid attention to students’ needs and tried to improve teaching skills according to them. He’s a great teacher I’m happy to have an opportunity to learn from him.

Emma (Conversational English Class)


Because of him, my grades improved tremendously! Thank him for being a good teacher. Keep shining!

Min Fui (Choa Chu Kang Secondary School, Sec 4)


I got 89 for Science exam which is the second highest in my class! It’s all because of him! Thank you!

Se Hee (Lian Hua Primary School, P5)


2013 O-Level Student
From B to Distinction in Pure Physics

Annie (Methodist Girls School, Sec 4)


I got 88.5 for Science! I guess his teaching paid off! Thank you Mr Lin!

Yu Min (Rulang Primary School, P5)


2013 O-Level Student
From D7 to B3 in Sub Science

Dong Hwi (Kranji Secondary School, Sec 4)


2013 O-Level Student
From C6 to B3 in Pure Chemistry

Johnny (Bukit Batok Secondary School, Sec 4)


2013 O-Level Student
From B and C to double distinctions in Pure Science

Scott (Swiss Cottage Secondary, Sec 4)

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For parents whose child is upper primary and above, L-Intelligent Horizons Eduhub (LTH) is the education provider that will impart both academic and life skills to your child.

Unlike traditional tuition programmes, LTH combines its own unique Horizon Success System (HSS) method of education with its dedicated team of HSS-Trained Educators who are mentored through weekly mentorship programmes, imparting the necessary Academic and Life skills to ensure your child achieve success in Academics and Life.

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